Neil Howe by William Strauss (англ.)

Авторы Теории Поколений пишут друг о друге.

I met Neil just over ten years ago at a New York City cafe. Never before had I metanyone who so persuasively

blended history, philosophy, politics, and the pop culture into so many instant paradigms. Where a lot of people find ways of making the simple seem all tangled, Neil is gifted at making the complex seem dazzlingly simple. At the time, the idea of writing a book about American generational history was somewhere in the back of my mind, but I doubted I had what took to do it on my own. I recall thinking, as I left the cafe, that is who my collaborator should be. Читать далее

William Strauss by Neil Howe (англ.)

Авторы Теории Поколений пишут друг о друге.

We started working together ten summers ago, in endless meetings featuring dog-eared history books, chattering keyboards, and piles of empty diet cola cans. What did I first notice about Bill? Maybe the blinding speed of his typing. Then the equal speed of his mind—cadence weighed and syntax parsed in nanoseconds as he flew on, unstoppable, determined to draft the history of the universe in one sitting. Finally, the instinctive dramatic flair of the performer, always looking for ways to keep the reader in suspense. There are those (like me) who would rather merely reflect on a good idea and often feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. And there are those (like Bill) who are driven to grab a microphone and argue and persuade and convert people to a good idea—and whose boundless self-confidence is infectious.

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